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            Mattress Thickness:  12"

            Award-Winning Contoured Comfort

            Industry-leading 365-night risk-free trial

            Forever Warranty


Additional Information:

Nectar offers award-winning contour comfort mattresses at an affordable price AND provides peace of mind with their 365-night risk-free trial and forever warranty. Plus Nectar promises that every mattress is delivered fast and free to your front door. They now deliver to all 50 states nationwide. If you receive your Nectar mattress and you don't feel like its a perfect fit, Nectar will refund your purchase and donate or recycle your returned product.

One great perk you receive by choosing Nectar is the 365-night trial period that begins 30 days after you receive your Nectar mattress. This is a wonderful perk because according to the average customer it takes roughly 30 days for your body to adjust to a new mattress. Once your first 30 days are up, your year-long trial begins with Nectar. This trial period is 3 times longer than any other trial period we have seen in the mattress industry.

Nectar mattresses are made with four special grade performance layers and a uniquely milled cooling cover. The four layers include 1 inch, semi-open, fast-recovery gel memory foam, a 3 inch, 3.5 lb. memory foam with medical-grade cooling and recovery levels, and finally a 2.2lb high-density base foam.  

Quilted Cooling Cover
1. Nectar Smart Layer - 3 inches of gel memory foam
2. Support Layer - 2 inches of dynamically adjusting foam
3. Stay stable base layer - 7 inches of standard foam