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365 Night Risk 

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            Mattress Thickness: 11"

            Forever Warranty

            Patented Tri-Support Design

            Chiropractor Approved

            CertiPUR-US® certified 


Additional Information:

Level Sleep has been working with Doctors and Chiropractors to complete clinical tests to show that customers are getting real results from their products. Their product has been clinically tested and shown to help users fall asleep faster, sleep better, and improve daytime performance. Participants in the trials reported 43% less fatigue, 62% less daytime dysfunction, and 60% improvement in overall Sleep Satisfaction.


Level Sleep has a patented and proven sleep system for the "Human Form".  Their patented Tri-Support Layer was created to help reduce the common causes of back pain using simultaneous low pressure and spinal alignment in their design.

Level Sleep mattresses are made in the USA.

Level Sleep also has adjustable bed frames available to their customers.