Mattress Thickness: 15"

            Adapts to All Sleeping Positions

            Strong & Luxurious Support System

            Gel-Infused Memory Foam

            Innovative Pocketed Innerspring Coil System

Additional Information:

Dream Cloud is one of the leading brands in the mattress market today. They have a premium memory foam that utilizes a breathable coil and cashmere-blend top for a supportive and enjoyable night of sleep.  All Dream Cloud mattresses are crafted with premium materials that offer support for all sleep positions and types. 


A few of the main qualities of the Dream Cloud mattress can be seen in the construction.  They offer Gel-infused memory foam that provides you with a soft comforting feel while also allowing the body to keep cool throughout the night.  The top layer of the mattress is a cashmere blend that also provided a smooth comforting feel all night long. 


The support for the mattress comes from an innovative pocketed innerspring coil system.  This helps reduce motion transfer while keeping an overall supportive mattress.   

They are now offering an optional White Glove Delivery service.