Mattress Thickness: 13"

            Rainforest Alliance Certified Latex

            Breathable Organic Materials

            Forever Warranty

            365 Night Risk-Free Trial

Additional Information:


Awara tries to focus on a more natural and organic approach to making your mattress and sleep experience as enjoyable as possible.  Awara offers a Hybrid product line.  The Hybrid is a memory foam mattress while also utilizing wrapped coil springs.  This Hybrid model features a premium Sri Lanka latex that allows the mattress to contour to the body.

Awara prides themselves on their Rainforest Alliance Certified Latex. They believe in creating a mattress that is naturally sourced while also promoting better sleep. The Rainforest Alliance is an international nonprofit conservation organization that certifies forestry operations, ensuring that they meet rigorous standards for the conservation of natural resources and the rights and welfare of workers and local communities.

Awara offers all of its customers a 365-Night Risk-Free Trial of each of their mattresses. This gives the user ample time to sleep on the product and decide if its right for you.  While giving you a year to try the product and return for free if necessary.  Awara also offers life long "Forever Warranty" which gives each customer extra peace of mind knowing they made the right decision and they are covered for the long haul.